Thursday, August 10, 2017

President "Chump" Strikes Out

Let me say at the outset that the increasingly tired, Trumpie canard that "Hillary would have been so much worse!" is both trite, annoying and completely irrelevant.

The Deep State didn't want Hillary. They wanted Trump, precisely because he is vain, narcissistic, weak, incompetent, very geo-politically ignorant, incapable, intellectually lazy, in short: tractable, docile, manipulable, a multi-billionaire, New York City bloviating buffoon with a seriously bad case of the "wannabes". 

The Deep State is accordingly playing Trump like a fiddle. They're playing him for the chump that he is.

What's that? You think that you "elected" him? And that he's a great man?

If you really do think that, then shame on you for not being more astute, and electing a chump, but in reality you did nothing of the sort.

You were deviously guided down a very cunningly crafted, political decision tree to think that you elected him; i.e., the Deep State presented to you a carefully groomed and pre-selected candidate that punched your political hot buttons, and you fell for it, hook, line and sinker.

Deep State jokers are wild, and the joke's on you.

Or maybe you voted for Hillary or Jill Stein or Gary Johnson, in which case -- same thing, the joke's on you, and your candidate was pre-selected to lose. It's all phony and rigged, it's all massively corrupt and your vote doesn't select the President of the USSA. Any other understanding is deficient and represents a refusal on your part to face reality as it is.

Have you ever seen a hamster in a cage on its exercise wheel -- sprinting all out and going nowhere, really fast! The analogy applies very well to USSAers in their red-white-and-blue Ameri-cage voting for their candidates! -- and getting absolutely nowhere, other than more deeply enslaved, more deeply mind controlled, more thoroughly economically exploited, and all the while falsely imagining that they are free.

Johann von Goethe, the great German author and philosopher, famously remarked two hundred years ago that: "None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe that they are free."

He could have been writing about the USSA, even then -- and who knows, maybe he was.

About To Ratchet Up To Another Level 

So now Donald Trump is beset by the very officials whom he personally appointed to high office! He loaded up his government with Neocons, military-industrial-espionage complex war hawks, Goldman Sachs Wall Street banksters, Zionists and more.

He's under political assault by his own, back-stabbing appointees -- and he has no one but himself to blame. If he had such a weak, unprepared understanding of the political environment in Washington, DC, such a weak and poorly thought out philosophy of governance, and such a deficient understanding of the various power factions, major political players and operatives in Washington, DC, that he appointed a government full of individuals opposed to his own political program, then he had no business offering himself as a candidate for President.

As one of my friends remarked in recent days, Donald Trump is revealing himself to be a "hollow shell" of a man.

Or as Russian Prime Minister Medvedev remarked last week, after the USSA Congress voted to impose draconian trade sanctions against Russia, effectively neutering Trump's foreign policy, weak as it is at this point:  Trump has revealed himself to be an "incompetent player" who has shown "complete impotence."

I'm more than sure that's diplomatic Russian for: "F*ck you."

Rockets Bursting In Air

All of which certainly has caught the attention of the little-big man of the moment, who has very publicly been called a p*ssy by the Russian Prime Minister. 

And what do weak men do when they are being publicly humiliated for being a p*ssy? They over compensate, and lash out in a transparent effort to prove that they really are the strong, capable man that they, in fact, are not.

Trust me on this. The Deep State has set all of this up. Trump is just the chump that they need, and they have skillfully maneuvered him into position, to undercut him, knowing that the inevitable reaction of the weak, narcissistic, little-big man is to overcompensate, to try to save face.

In this case, what the Deep State wants is war, a big one, a nuclear war, by the looks of things.

And Trump is the chump they have selected to push the button.

Not to worry, we're almost there. They're carefully herding him into position, into the desperate political and psychological space where he will reach out and do what they want: unleash nuclear hell.

In recent days, Donald Trump has said that North Korea "...will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen..." if they persist in threats against the USSA. Today he followed up that statement by remarking that his earlier "fire and fury" threat: "...wasn't tough enough...", that North Korea would be in trouble "like few nations have ever been" and that "Things will happen to them that they never thought possible."

Those are nuclear fighting words, to be sure.

In response, in recent days North Korea has variously threatened to nuke Guam, Honolulu, San Diego, Austin and Washington, D.C. 

And so the world drifts toward nuclear war. Much is being made in the western press of the unreasonable bellicosity of North Korea, and yet, by any objective measure, it is the USSA who is by far the most bellicose power in the world, with a long history of invading and destroying other countries and stealing their resources, one after the other, all over the world. Say what you will about North Korea, but they have not done this. 

There is a psychopathic power on the global stage which is Satanically threatening another nation with nuclear destruction and that power is the USSA.

There is a real danger of nuclear false flag attacks in the coming days, weeks and months, in order that the generals in the Pentagon may have their nuclear war, with a disingenuous cover of false deniability.

There is a great risk that a weak, imperiled President will "strike out" in an aggressive display of  hyper-kinetic violence, to compensate for the manly strength and political savvy that he sorely lacks. There is a maniacal leader on the loose, a nuclear-armed, little-big man trying to be tough, and the entire world is endangered as a result.

Have no doubt, as things now stand, the world is on course for nuclear war, and the Pentagon and the USSA Deep State bear the lion's share of the blame for the situation. They are a menace to all humanity.


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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Final Stages Of The Event Horizon

People just don't get it. Just do _not_ get it.

For the life of me, I do not know why.

I recently received an e-mail from one of my readers, which consisted of a link to an info-graphic showing the myriad connections between major USSA media personalities and power brokers, and the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg Group and the Trilateral Commission.

I responded: "I am aware of all of this. You won't 'save' America, whatever 'America' really is. Just get out while there is still time."

He answered that he couldn't think where to escape to. And then asked if I were foreseeing a "massive population reduction event" in the USSA.

<< Sigh. >>

What the f*ck have I been writing about for years?? Why have I been out again and again and again on nuclear missile silos in various states of the USSA to repeatedly, nonviolently, peacefully protest against massive preparations for nuclear warfare? Why do you think I have been jailed again and again and again and again as a direct consequence of my protests? Just because I enjoy being locked up with murderers, arsonists, robbers, gang bangers, drug dealers??

Do  _any_ of you get it?

I recently heard an interview with Catherine Austin Fitts in which she maintained that what "we" have to do to begin to straighten things out is to elect new commissioners to all of the 3,000 different county commissions in the USSA.

Really, Catherine?



What we have to do is elect new county commissioners and begin from the bottom up. Yeah, let's everybody register to vote and go elect new county commissions. That'll fix things. For sure.

Does the controlled opposition even understand how controlled it is?

Listen, I foresaw all of this -- decades ago, very early in my life. And I don't even have a Wharton degree. Hard to believe, I know.

It was all abundantly evident, even then, for any and all of those who have the eyes to see, and ears to hear and understand the unimaginable hideousness of the ghastly thing known as the "United States".

And still so many of you do not get it. Just endlessly surfing the Internet while it all collapses around you. Hey -- why waste time when there is a new county commission election coming up, right?

If you are still with me at this point -- and given the shallowness of the modern mind and its short attention span, I am sure to have lost a lot of readers already, but no matter, let the idly curious flit on to some other glittering little trifle -- I finally answered my reader thusly:

"Frankly I have been seeing nuclear detonations in my dreams in recent days and weeks. Just because I see these things in my dreams does not mean that they necessarily will happen, but it does indicate that my subconscious is detecting what is out there in the future reality probability mix and presenting it for my conscious mind's consideration.

"I consider nuclear false flag events and even outright nuclear war as real possibilities. The USSA is likely to figure large in either scenario. If it comes to that, immediate casualties will be hundreds of thousands or millions, and those would be just the early days. Events would move very quickly and extremely violently. I have been writing and warning of these things for years and years, and maybe a fraction of one percent of my readers are able to wrap their heads around it.

"Do you pay taxes to the IRS? You are paying for your own obliteration.

"Do you vote for the transparently stupid politicians in Washington, DC? They are the ones who have set the table for nuclear war, by their own stupidity and corruption. 

"I have repeatedly mentioned the country numbers for 2025. contemplates an 82% population reduction in the USSA by 2025. They don't mention the nuclear word, but do mention crippling economic factors. 

"When the system collapses there will be holy hell to pay. It could happen five years from now; it could happen later this year, even later this month. But it does look like it's coming -- and with a wicked vengeance."

What's Coming Next

The next stages of our terrestrial human drama are highly likely to be catastrophic.

I have written previously about the rampaging, ongoing, obvious, ecological collapse. It is planet-wide and shows no sign of abating. It is driven by human stupidity, shallowness, superficiality, greed, short-sightedness, self-centeredness, lack of forethought, lack of introspection, and even downright evil. 

That's just one of the pressing, global issues facing us. Though to be sure, failure of the global ecology also implies the failure of the human race, i.e., extinction. Guy McPherson, the PhD biologist who left his academic post to warn of the seriousness of our predicament, estimates that at the current rate of failure of the global, natural environment that humanity has ten years left, maybe less. I'm not going to argue with him. The rate of species extinction is accelerating and the human race is just one among many species. As the others disappear, we will also. 

Oh, you live or work on the 48th floor of a big building in a big city? No problem, that just means that you may die on the 48th floor of a big building in a big city, as the putrid, corrupt empire in which you live and work catastrophically fails and brings down huge chunks of the rest of the living world with it.

But isn't it interesting that so many of those who have for years and decades sent in their money to the IRS, now think of their own salvation, when their blood tithe to the IRS has paid for the extermination of millions of their fellow human beings, in country after country, at the hands of the CIA and the various Pentagon forces and USSA militia or paramilitary forces, such as ISIS and al-Qaeda, among others? All this blood and slaughter funded by the corporate death machine known as the USSA -- and now the very ones who paid for this great, global slaughter think to save themselves from the Satanic hell that they themselves have paid for, over and over and over?

And after voting for transparently stupid and corrupt Senators, Congressmen and Congresswomen, and Presidents, they now want to disavow the policies of the very ones whom they personally helped to bring to power?

Really?? Do you really believe it's that simple? Just walk away from the mess you yourself have helped create?

The people of the USSA have set a ghastly banquet buffet of blood, guts, gore, slaughter, destruction, mayhem, corruption, lies, theft, economic exploitation  and now that the time has come to personally enjoy Satan's great buffet, which they themselves have paid for, they want no part of it? They say they do not like it. They had no idea.

Oh, really? No idea? Nothing to do with any of it?

Wait. Just wait. It won't be too much longer.

Satan's great party is just getting started. The money you sent to the IRS has paid for it. The politicians you elected will be presiding over it all.

Don't try to pretend you had nothing to do with any of it.

I saw none of you out on the nuclear missile silos with me, protesting.

Not one of you. I heard not a whimper of objection from you. I was arrested again and again and again, over a period of many years, for nonviolently, peacefully protesting massive preparations for nuclear war. I was jailed again and again and again and again, in multiple of the so-called "United States". None of you joined me in jail, for reasons of conscience against the ghastliness building all around us.

Almost none of you have read the first two posts in this blog, in late 2010, which concern my nonviolent, peaceful demonstration and arrest on a nuclear missile silo in North Dakota, 15 April 2010, for which I was jailed for 100 days, and then subsequently left the USSA.

Minot Manifesto

A Serious Message From The Heart of America

I have lived with great difficulty at a bare subsistence level for many years. I haven't voted for decades. I realized long ago the deep corruption in the system. Most years of my life I have either paid extremely little, due to my greatly reduced economic circumstances, or most years, nothing at all to the IRS.

Separate yourself from the USSA, inc.  any way you can. If you work for or in the USSA military forces, or on Wall Street, or the Fortune 500,  etc., all I can say is that you have my condolences. These are vastly evil forces and institutions. Separate yourself from them. That's my unsolicited advice.

Karma is a real bitch, and the karmic boomerang headed for the USSA has two centuries of genocidal, global momentum behind it.

You do the math. Whoever is behind has, if you care to click the link and ponder the meaning of a projected 269 million dead in the USSA by 2025.  The USSA is number 11 on their 2025 country list. It's like a "greatest hits" list, and it does look like the USSA will take a very great hit, indeed.


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